Global Warming


Global WarmingIs turing up the heat… 
Do you know what global warming is doing to our earth? By raising our temperature just 1 degree (over the past 100 years), our world is heating up much more than it should be. Greenhouses gases are changing our atmosphere by trapping more of the suns ray inside instead of letting them bounce out. The worst greenhouse gas culprit is carbon dioxide which is released by the burning of fossil fuels, driving, deforestation, and many other activities that we do dailing without ever thinking about! As our use of carbon dioxide increases to amounts that are bigger that what was ever intended, the atmosphere continues to change, more of the sun’s rays are trapped and as a result our temperature will keep increasing. Even though a warmer earth may not seem like a bad idea, the hotter it gets the more problems begin! Global warming can have terrible effects on our food and water sources, our animals and even on us!
This website will be a helpful tool for you to learn about global warming, to see what negative effects it has on our world and to find out ways that YOU can help us to stop it!

The good news is that there is time to turn the temperature down! If every person makes just one small effor to help stop these effects, we can relax, stop global warming and chill out!
  1. Over the past 100 years, the earth’s temperature has risen 1.3 degrees!
  1. Global warming is destroying the habitats our animals need to live in.
  1. Glaciers are melting away because of global warming.
  1. Sea levels are rising and the water is warming up which can cause terrible hurricanes.
  1. Global warming is effecting all people, all animals and all countries. It is EVERYONES problem.
 Key Words: Greenhouse Gases: are…. Carbon Dioxide: is…  Fossil Fuels: are… Deforestation: is…